WordPress Plugins to Increase Your Page Impressions

WordPress is one of the most popular back in blogging hubs on the web. It is more than a simple site that allows you to post and forget it while you hope for traffic; it is a robust piece of web based software that allows users to highly customize their site in ways that the average user can understand. There is no need for a deep understanding of HTML or web design, you simply need to have an eye for what drives traffic to your site and what keeps people invested. Plugins are a huge boon for any aspiring entrepreneur and there are plenty out there that can help people moving through your site fairly regularly.

Top 10

This plug in is a brilliant and simple way to keep the most recent and popular posts at the top of your list. As a simple widget, you can fit it on your site wherever you need and customize how often it updates your popular posts. You can set the time frame to a week or a month, or anything in between and it will track what posts are getting the most traffic and put them right at the top. You can also set how many posts you want to show (contrary to the name of the plugin) which will help ensure that you are giving enough of your work proper time to shine.

Social Author Bio

If you have multiple writers on your site, it stands to reason that your readers will start to attach themselves to certain writers. They will look forward to their work more than others and will want to read anything and everything by them. The Social Author Bio allows you to let your author set up a specific biography that is inserted at the end of every post (in the footer) without any extra work by them or the editor. An image, social links for sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and YouTube (handled through simple icons) and a link to allow readers to see all posts by the author are all handled on a small and unobtrusive box that should flow well with the style of your site.

Google Analytics

While this “plugin” is more of a simple code generator, it has to be added to the list. Google Analytics will be viewed more often through the actual analytics page, but the plugin can put a “quick view” on your dashboard. As you dig deeper into what Google Analytics shows you, you’ll start to see trends in your viewer’s activities. You may see high bounce rates, which means they visit one page and leave, or you may watch the flow of visitors and start to notice particular types of articles that drive additional traffic. You’ll also find information about the top keywords that are being searched for and you’ll have the ability to customize your SEO on the site to take full advantage of these particular words. You don’t want to sacrifice integrity on your site for some additional hits, so make sure your SEO updates are relevant, and analytics will ensure that you know just how to do that.

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