Why is Samsung Galaxy S3 Better than Nokia Lumia 920?

Samsung Galaxy S3

Two hottest smartphones – Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung Galaxy S3 – are presently dominating the market. Samsung Galaxy S3 has hit the market in the month of May this year and has immediately gained lots of fans. The amazing features of 4G LTE connection, NFC support, giant screen and other such features made it widely popular. In the second half of the year, Galaxy S3 experienced immense sale all round the year.

Nokia in the same year introduced another superb smartphone in the market, Lumia 920. This mobile device operates on Windows Phone 8 OS. Dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, stunning display, NFC chip and so on are some of the astounding features of this advanced mobile phone. Nokia boasts of the floating camera featured in its Lumia 920 that offers ideal image stabilization for videos and photos.
These two smartphones are the greatest contenders of the recent invention of Apple – iPhone 5. But if you are to choose a smartphone from these two, you should go for Samsung Galaxy S3. Why? The answer is given below. Just check…..

Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S3 Stands High than Nokia Lumia 920
Faster processor: As compared to Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung S3 offers you a speedier processor. It has quad core Exynos processor with 1.4 GHz. Nokia Lumia supports dual core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor.
A little larger screen: You will get a little bigger screen in Galaxy S3. The 4.8 inch display offers you better vision and picture quality than Lumia’s 4.5 inch screen display. You can browse the web and perform all other functions with great precision in the large screen of Samsung.
Extended storage capacity: Samsung smartphone offers you greater storage capacity than Nokia’s smartphone. You can benefit from its expandable storage. The microSD slot offering around 32GB is provided with Samsung S3 while Lumia 920 provides you an internal storage capacity of 32GB.

Removable battery: 2100 mAh battery of Samsung Galaxy is better than 2000 mAh battery of Nokia Lumia 920. Besides this, another great advantage of Galaxy S3 is it has removable battery which allows you to quickly change its battery when it gets depleted. Don’t you think that a removable battery is better than a chargeable one?
Pop-up play: What is the advantage of this feature? Well, with the aid of this feature, you can watch your favorite video as well as do some other task in your Samsung smartphone. So, you can now have entertainment during your task.

The features of the two smartphones can outride the other but the ultimate choice is yours. Nokia Lumia 920 is an impressive mobile device while Samsung Galaxy S3 is tempting to some people. Samsung offers you multi-tasking facility and dynamic apps while the Windows Phone 8 Lumia delivers several appealing qualities. What will be your selection?

Author’s Bio: Louis Collins is a technically sound professional having immense knowledge about the latest gadgets. He compares two smartphones and shares his opinion with the rest of the world. He is a great fan of Samsung mobiles and hence stays connected with Samsung technical support to fix any issue.

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