What to Look for in a PDF Reader?


With the continuous rise of technology, popularity of PDF documents has not lessened in any way. There are many different types of file formats used in organizations where employees deal with hundreds of documents everyday. But PDF documents are the most preferred file formats used in a professional work environment because of the consistency in the layout and quality of documents. While working remotely, a PDF reader may not be readily available or installed on the PC you are working on. Thus the wide-spread use of PDF file format calls for web-based solutions and App which let you read documents easily in the browser.

good PDF Reader App ensures HTML5 rendering of online documents and allows you to read PDF documents in a convenient and simple manner. There is no need to convert the document or install an extension to view the PDF file in the browser. It is platform and software independent application which lets you view all the most common file formats along-with the PDF documents. The user interface of this Viewer App is interactive and it’s features make it easy to learn for new users, providing them with a trans-formative document management experience.

To enhance business productivity and add value to the ROI, this reader App must be coupled with the organization’s document management solution to provide great assistance in performing tasks instantly. It must be designed in such a manner to provide a perfect combination which caters to document collaboration needs of the workforce. Not only does it ensure compatibility to documents in general, but access to files is secure and convenient at the same time. Being cloud-based, data protection as well as reliable services to individuals, businesses and companies around the globe is guaranteed.

GroupDocs Document Management Solution has introduced the idea of a PDF viewer App which assists businesses with its distinctive capabilities. This App lets you collaborate, share and view documents online and ascertains robust and high-fidelity rendering of documents. The output files are always with the same layout, style and quality as the original PDF. Document viewing is secure and all the personal data is protected through 256-bit encrypted SSL uploading and downloading channels. There is no loss of sensitive information and backups are taken offsite on regular intervals.

Embedding documents in your websites, blogs as well as articles is the probably most powerful feature of this dynamic PDF reader tool. It allows you to easily embed word documents such as PDF brochures, case studies and other important docs in the web pages as desired. Your website visitors can easily access this useful information from the web without having to download the file locally. Publishing content online has become extremely simple with the help of such an App. All you need to do is copy and paste the embed code provided by GroupDocs Viewer into the web-page.

GroupDocs PDF Viewer consists of easy access tools which act as a shortcut to GroupDocs Apps Suite to perform document annotation, add digital signatures and build questionnaires in just a few steps. Ease of navigation via thumbnails as well as an option to scroll through the whole document is a really cool feature of this PDF reader. In short, GroupDocs is providing its users with an easy-to-use viewer App and you don’t have to look for other alternatives anymore. Collaborating, sharing and working with online documents is simplified and transformed with this PDF reader at your side.

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