What is Gingerbread Android OS?

android2.3 gingerbread

The 2.3 operating system of android is ginger bread. This is one of the hottest systems available in android phones commonly. Some of the supporting functions of this android are the increasing of the life of the phone battery and the motion of your cell phone as well. The android is very fast and fresh for the interface of a mobile phone along with the smooth keyboard functions and new cut and paste intelligent system. Much of the updated versions are present now in the market to use for the HTC, Samsung and many other simple phones including LG, Motorola and some German and Chinese or Japanese companies.

New Features:

The new features are coming up with time under ginger bread. The exclusive management skills and power packs to work on the texts and playing of other web functions are its strong points. The control and organization of whole devices among the effective beauty of android to navigate easily into number of platforms is no doubt a holding agent in it on many phones. Video calling interfaces are very good ideas for entertainment in a small piece to carry all the time and anywhere hence excluding distances.

The UK manufacturers of mobile phones are also using this version to insert android in phones with less features and low costs. This is easy to play with and use in a light manner. The efficiency of this android in original phones is much better than the rest. Top of the list phones are the S series of Samsung. The galaxy phones are the highly prioritized in the world of android. People are facing much fun in them rather than iPhone’s. The symbians are also giving such android phones in their own way with the use of this version.


Everyone has own choice of technology. Each company is striving to offer the best android system but there is no doubt that the demand and fun increase with the price or vice versa. Sometimes the money is directly related to what people like to have in their hand pieces. The mobiles are not only phones now to talk and text but a mini world to spend time within. Moreover, this android is also shown in the Samsung galaxy player which is a device not to use as a talking phone, this is very new form of galaxy series that are also improved and highly innovative as we heard through the news and press releases to aware people from the inventory that is coming soon among us.

Sony phones are come back on the move; the stage is full of Sony Xperia updated phones. All the newly organized and competitive features of high quality mobiles are developed in these Sony mobiles. They are ready to be compared with Samsung and Nokia new phones. Although Nokia is not seem to be running in androids, HTC is going to take the place of Nokia phones and the first phone is now described as the last option in the market. Blackberry also has the android in few of them.

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