Web Design That Optimizes Your Site’s Conversion Funnel

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A conversion funnel helps you achieve the ultimate goal which your website is meant to do. Put simply, conversion funnels measure the number of people who stick with your website until they get to carry out this action. Whether you run an e-commerce site or would like people to subscribe to your newsletter, there are certain easy ways in which you can incorporate web design elements that support customer conversion. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of these options while demonstrating how they affect consumer behavior and motivate them to carry out a desired activity.

1. Pay Attention to Your Landing Page

This is the entry point that most visitors use to access your website. For example, if you sell children’s jewelry, you can influence and retain the interest of a potential buyer by adding animated images to your landing page. This will pique their curiosity long enough to let them make up their minds whether the jewelry you sell is right for them. Adding animated or flash images in a website’s design can be done using the various plugins available for your typical WordPress site. A great idea would be to have a revolving gallery that has the different products listed. Most people react to images faster than text, so this kind of web design attribute will eliminate the chances of visitors dropping off before the final action (which in this case would be making a purchase).

2. Have A Call to Action To Lead Your Sale

Once you get a new web visitor accessing your site, you need to try and retain them as a regular reader or customer. You can do this by prominently displaying your telephone number on the home page. You can even incorporate a chat applet that lets them speak to a customer service representative if they have any questions or concerns. If a potential customer feels that they are being heard and attended to, chances are that he or she will go on to complete the desired action. You can have the chat applet scroll up or down as the visitor navigates through the pages so that they can easily access it if they need to. The key to having an effective call to action is to mix the design elements mentioned above with an imperative verb that inspires action. Words such as ”Call Us Now” or ”Chat With a Representative” or ”Subscribe To Our Newsletter” work well in influencing customer or reader behavior.

3. Include Various Forms Of Media To Attract Variety

 People respond to different forms of media in different ways. For example, some people would be OK with reading large swathes of text in order to find out information about a service. Others, however, are more visually-oriented and would prefer watching a video about a product or seeing a photo. Make sure that each page in your site has textual, image and video data to appeal to different demographics, which will ultimately increase the chances of a higher conversion rate at any stage of the conversion funnel. Embedding videos and uploading images can be done by grabbing HTML links and weaving them into your posts before having them posted live.

These simple web design aspects can ultimately increase your conversion rates by having visitors engage with your site a little bit longer, thus helping them make their minds up on whether to subscribe to a site feed or buy a product. You can test the effects of these tips by using the Google Analytics funnel tracking tool and modifying your efforts where necessary to achieve more substantial conversion rates.

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