Tweetdeck Back on Track on Macs


If you’re crazy about Twitter and that’s what you use to stay in touch with your friends and close ones, then you’ve probably heard of TweetDeck. Pretty much all power users for Twitter use TweetDeck, but now, even amateurs and people who don’t really consider themselves as Twitter maestros or power users have harnessed the power of Tweetdeck and have become regular users.

However, for the users who were on an OS X, things got complicated really fast. The application wasn’t updated as frequently as needed, and there were tons of flaws and various fixes were needed and Tweetdeck just never got around to plugging all the holes. If you let go of Tweetdeck on a Mac and are not a power user of something like Tweetbot or perhaps the more popular HootSuite, then you should take comfort in the fact that Tweetdeck has now updated its app on the Mac App Store and is flaunting over 90+ fixes and updates for its Mac Users.

The updated version also includes the typehead, something that only Chrome users had access to before this update. It offers you predictions for what you might have been thinking about putting down, and also acts like a tool for a people search, giving you an accurate listing of all the people that you have on your account.

For everyone who monitor tons of busy feeds, a performance upgrade will improve the manner in which Tweetdeck handles these busy accounts and the updates. While there are tons of other changes, another minor tweak has been the option to get an embed code for your tweet right from the application, which is a welcome change for all bloggers and tech enthusiasts out there who contribute to discussion forums.

Congratulations Mac and Twitter crazies, the package is ready for you to exploit.

Contributor: Avtar is a technology enthusiast who is currently working with the Malaysia online shopping company – Lazada. You can follow their Twitter updates too.


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