Top 5 iPhone Apps To Use in 2013

Mobile apps have revolutionized our lives and there are a number of firms releasing newer apps to meet increasing demands of iPhone users. In the year 2013 we see a lot of iPhone apps coming to enhance your smart phone experience. Take a look at the most interesting ones:

Adrian James Boot Camp is a great app for those who want to beat the overweight and stay fit. This app demonstrates a set of simple workouts that can help you to exercise more effectively. The app features some short video illustrations by Maximuscle ambassador Adrian James. With the help of these exercises you can tone up your upper and lower body and all this is possible without any gym equipments. The app also suggests you a lean meal plan to stay trim.

‘Stay’ is an invaluable app for avid travelers. It lets you create your own customized travel guides of more than 120 cities around the globe and also share them with friends to know where they have travelled. You can also find out their recommendations on where to stay or dine. With the help of expert guides and recommendations you can discover local gems. You can easily download maps and city guides directly to your phone without worrying about the hefty phone bills while travelling abroad.

SoundCloud DJ App Builder makes it easy to create your own music app. It is extremely useful and fun for those who have their own music bands or practice DJ sets. For using this app you should use SoundCloud and try the test which is available for free to get familiar with this novelty and help improve it if any bugs are detected.  There are many features that can be interesting for music adorers: ability to stream music and video, aggregation of the content, chat with fans and others.

GetTaxi is a wonderful app for those who commute with cabs. In case you come across a taxi but it is already occupied GetTaxi can help. It acts as a beacon and allows you to send an alert from your mobile device to the next available cabbie which is the closest to you at that very moment. Once you activate the signal, the taxi will find its way to your location. The tracking tool enables you track your cabs in addition to profiling your drivers so that you can quickly identify once they have pulled up.

YoCam is a powerful photo app that is worth to come as a staple in every iPhone. It was launched at the beginning of April, 2013 and has enough time to become the favorite one for iPhone photo-nerds.  The app lets you apply various filters and frames and combine them in all ways you want. You can also share the images edited to Instagram so that your friends are able to check them out.

The apps mentioned above are just a few ones that will make your iPhone use more efficient and fun. Try them and enjoy your favorite device even more than before.

Post by Linda Waters. Marketing executive at Blogger, writes about cutting-edge mobile technologies and tracking software.

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