TomTom updates its GPS navigation app for Android

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TomTom is one of the leaders in the navigation devices industry. They offer maps, traffic information services, portable navigation devices, and fleet management solutions, among others. The company has rolled out an update to their GPS navigation app for Android users. Until the recent update, only owners of certain types of Android devices were able to use the service. The latest version has enabled more Android users to access the service and benefit from the new features introduced. People belonging to more than 35 countries benefit from TomTom’s products and services.

The latest update supports 200 new Android devices released recently and hence reaches out to more people. The new version stores maps on the SD card of the phones so that phone memory could be saved. Therefore, using it will be more helpful to users than other services which use the phone memory to store maps. One of the notable points is that its version 1.1 can be used on all types of smartphones powered by Android and with a screen resolution ranging from 800x480p to 1280x800p. Android tablets are no exception to this as it is compatible with most Android tablets. Another change is the mechanism of map downloads. The users can push the app to the background and use other features until it gets downloaded.

One time purchase of the app will let users get four free map updates per year and they will get to access the updated maps always. Once you store a map, you can access it offline to ensure easy navigation and it also helps you avoid unnecessary data roaming charges. The app suggests more than one route to let you select the shortest route to a place in order to help you save time and you can also learn the arrival times. When you are accessing the maps online, you can also receive live traffic updates to help you choose routes with less traffic.

The new version has amazing multi-tasking support. You can operate other apps or talk on the phone and still receive turn-by turn-instructions simultaneously. When navigating junctions with multiple lanes, you can get clearer guidance and lane information which will help you change lanes confidently. It also has the voice recognition feature which can recognize street names letting you give more specific spoken instructions and get the right turnings. Residents of the U.S. can enjoy another advantage. When they select a contact, the app will automatically select the state so that the driver doesn’t have to spend much time instructing the app.

It also notifies users of speed cameras to help them avoid fines for speeding. It can integrate seamlessly with Android phone contacts. The app is available for smartphone handsets such as HTC One X, Google Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S3, and more. Its postcode entry has been made more flexible than in the older versions and it is easier to find locations directly from the phone’s address book. This app proves to be a better choice compared to a standalone GPS navigation device in terms of flexibility, usability and cost.

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