The Top VoIP Apps for iPhone


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an increasingly popular service which allows telephone interaction over an internet connection rather than from your cellular provider. VoIP services on the whole tend to be a lot cheaper than paying for cell service, and most services provide you with an additional number for receiving calls. With the majority of new VoIP apps, you can even make calls from non-phone devices, such as an iPod Touch or iPad. The only hardware that would be required is a headphone and microphone combo, giving you been more options for making calls!

Skype is probably the most popular VoIP iPhone app on the market. It’s completely free when used for Skype-to-Skype calls and it also provides inexpensive plans for people who want to call and receive calls from other numbers. Not only can you use Skype to call, but you can also send receive text message as well as face-to-face video calling and instant messaging. If you are worried about video quality, Skype offers the latest anti-shake technology so that video calling goes smoothly. Skype now allows you to receive a call over both 3G or 4G and Wi-Fi. Even if the app is not open on the phone, it is still possible to receive calls just like a regular phone. Because of its popularity, most people are going to choose to connect with family and friends through Skype.

iCall is another popular favourite for VoIP calling. They allow free, but ad supported, calls in both the United States and Canada. A great feature with this app is that it sends your phone notifications when you receive a call. International calls are inexpensive with iCall and there is also an option to upgrade to a paid version in order to get rid of ads within the app.

iCall offers a number of features:

• Photo sharing with anyone straight from the app
• No roaming charges
• Instant messaging with people using iCall, Facebook, AIM, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, and more

Tango is also a great VoIP app for iPhones, and like Skype completely free! It boasts that it offers the best video calling over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi with an added bonus of free international calling to other Tango users. The app will conveniently find other friends that already use Tango so you can get started right away! Some of the features of Tango include:

• Free text messages to Tango contacts
• The ability to send picture and video messages
• Easily send and receive audio messages
• Group video messaging
• Fun little animations you can have pop up on the screen to surprise your friends and family during a video call

VoIP apps are great little tools to have when you have a gap in your cell service, or don’t have much money to spare. And of course, free beats paid any day. Although, if you are willing to spend some extra money, it might be worth it not to look at ads every time you call a friend.

This guest post was written by Jonny Grant on behalf of Packnet; a Manchester based telecommunications company who offer a range of business telephone and business voip solutions.

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