The Influence of Social Media Over Every Online Money Earner

The old-fashioned SEO days are slowly saying goodbye. Link farms, content spamming, link blasting, and manipulative link baiting days are slowly waving goodbye. Those were just a few of the schemes being used to rank higher in search engines. And even though the intentional putting of back links into websites is still practiced today, there’s already a huge change between now and before.

This article contains explanations on how social media can greatly help every online money maker. And so I should start by discussing the makings of social media being a new way to help money makers online.

Quantity vs Quality

A link builder such as pinoy webteam and other services out there in linkbuilding who has been in the field for the past years is surely familiar with various tools and a far list of websites to put your links on. But we’ve already said goodbye to those days. And it’s difficult to just let go of old habits. So we have take part in that challenge, which is not as bad as you might expect. Unlike the contents of websites of the old days, contents of new websites today are being made sure to be reliable and trustworthy, and that is what search engines are more concerned about nowadays.

When I was still a student myself, I also ran to the Internet for my resources when I have some research homework. And even as I landed my first teaching job, I still relied much on online resources for added information that I give my students. Let’s face it, we do rely much on online research. But somehow link building made online research rather unreliable. Some bogus websites start to get higher ranking that those of genuine ones. Websites are putting up duplicated content, blogs, articles, and information, ads are popping up annoyingly, and others even publish fake information.

A lot of trash information are being shown at the top ranks of search engines because of blast emails, post, blogs, press releases, blogs, and profiles. This is being said in general. Nowadays, quality is more important than quantity. More credible and reliable website content is what people are looking out for nowadays. The most essential part is the overall look, the layout, graphic design, and mostly the originality and reliability of the content. Don’t just think about ranking, but more importantly focus on the reliability of your site. One must take Social Media into consideration.

What was the effect of the old SEO to previous online money making strategies?

A very good website is very important for online earners. It eventually resorted to keyword researches and associate website building. And when they realized that link building was an awesome way to increase traffic, they eventually outsourced link builders to do that for them. It was really helpful that time, and it made a lot of money. And as online marketing became widely used, more and more websites were built to rank higher and higher. As a result of wiser keyword search, more hits are being made, which means more sales and higher ranking for those websites AND the sub-pages in it.

But it doesn’t also mean that the new updates on search engine algorithms made all those people who utilized those tools come down. Online workers are still pretty much earning these days. And those left standing are the ones who were serious enough to provide reliable information online. The lucky ones are the survivors, but many were left rejected.

What happened after the update of the Search Engine Algorithms?

Before moving on, I had to mention algorithms. If you’ve been working online long enough as either an SEO link builder, a website owner, an Internet marketer, or an online money maker, then you probably already heard of Panda and Penguin just as the pinoy webteam link builder knows. These are two of Google’s leading search engine algorithms. Google aims to please each and every one of its search engine user, and not just those who make money from it. Anyone that access Google’s search engine is considered a customer, and not just this who do online business. The algorithm served as a great part of discipline to those who abused link building, blasting, and spamming. Many years of trash data build up has been wiped clean by these algorithms.

So what was the result of releasing those algorithms? You would only expect more reliable, more informative, and more relevant search results. A cleaner result on the search engine is very noticeable, and expect more cleaning up in the future.

Social Media as the Ultimate Solution!

So this is finally the main topic I want to inform you about. Social Media and its social media sites! Let’s face it, more and more people are having social media accounts. And I’m betting that you have at least one too. And it has indeed made us globally closer. And dating today, social media is still the best SEO tool.

And as we all know by now, search engines just love the high quality and uniqueness. Write useful and helpful articles on your blog, create different social networking accounts, and share your knowledge to your online friends! Convince your friends to pass on the information to more people too! This is one of the great ways to legally get people to read and share your posts, and even harbor more loyal readers along the way. This is a great social signal or social sign that could add up to your site.

Make your account appear real and natural. Success is achieved once you commit to being real by giving genuine names, contact numbers, information, and content in your site. And for easier posting and sharing, a single user with multiple accounts from multiples sites can simply link all their accounts in just one single site.

And with social media came the new idea of content curation. This is simply done by sharing a link of something that interested you, inputting it on a text share box, and place a line or two that would serve as a summary or introduction for it. Content curation is specifically used when sharing a blog post.

Through social media, we are closely tied to our family and friends all over the world. We can freely choose the audience that we wish to reach out to. It even provides us with paid ads that will help us promote our business. And as an online earner, it’s about time you let go of the old SEO and get in with the new. Though the old school ways could still help you, keep in mind that quality is more important that quantity.

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