The Best Life Simulation Games


Gaming has definitely evolved from simply giving people something to do when they are bored to imitating life in its art form. That’s what virtual life games are for. They are intended to imitate life or simulate what happens in real life.

Virtual life games are those games, which attempt to copy different real life activities for training, prediction, and analytical purposes. Mostly, there is no goal in playing the game. You just run around, playing a character. Here, we listed some good examples of virtual life games that you may want to try. Read on.

The Sims

The Sims is one of the most successful and well-known virtual game franchises. With its success, it has spawned many different versions that were intended to provide different views and visions of the virtual world that was set up as a background.

The Sims revolves around the SimCity life. As mentioned, there have been various city behaviors imposed by the game versions made available in the market. There are those that will teach you a lesson or two on human genetics, global ecosystems, and even government officials.

World of Warcraft

In the class of war games, World of Warcraft could be considered one of the most successful in imitating what happens in real world while giving RPG fans a truly exhilarating experience. This game is a simulation of global pandemic. Although it involves science fiction, it gives you a glimpse of what a world could be in case those dreams we conjured up in our young minds actually existed. This simulation games makes you feel engrossed because you will grow loving and nurturing your character as you go on with the game.


This is another virtual life game, this time made for adults. It simulates what every adult is raving about these days: yes, social media network. In this multiplayer environment, you can choose settings from different, truly amazing locations from bars and nightclubs to beaches, movie theaters, and old cities. There are a lot of things to discover, a lot of friends to discover with this 3DChat game. You may even purchase virtual items in a virtual mall and have a shopping galore.

This Australian theme virtual life game not only allows kids of all ages to enjoy exciting virtual worlds. It also presents an opportunity for young kids to interact and be amiable to each other. Kids may register, representing a particular character to explore the different worlds the game can offer. They may also help in furnishing and decorating a shack and play online games together.


This is another exciting virtual game that seeks to imitate what real-life interior decorators are accustomed to do. Here, kids can build their own custom house and fill it in with virtual items through animation tools and drawings. Plus, there is an opportunity for them to get in touch with other kids of the same interest.

Little Space Heroes

This is where little heroes collide. In this fantastic virtual life game, kids can create their own space in a virtual world by creating a specific character. That character is their key to explore a universe in the virtual world, which is full of adventure, not to mention provides so much fun. There is also an added feature for kids to connive so they can go on quests together with other children and solve mysteries as they socialize.

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