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Online Data Testing

Ever since I can recall, my mother always called one of us siblings , while cooking meal, to come and   taste it to ensure that if salt was ok. I would always question why she asks us when she has done it herself. She would smile and say, with so much aroma of the meal being cooked, it is easy for me to misjudge the taste. That is what actually happens to most of the special cooks and chefs as well. They spend so much time in the kitchen that they do not know how the food tastes, nor they are able to eat it that day.

Now imagine, if someone can do a similar testing for you when your software is about to be rolled out, that if is it suitable to be used by customer. Is it something the customer really wanted?  Are there any glitches that can affect the functionality of the software? It does bring a lot of satisfaction if someone can check it for you and ensure this as an independent body. This independent body is the testing team. A skilled testing team checks the software for any kind of unexpected behavior that a customer may not have desired, or that may cause the software to function incorrectly.

In the early days of software development, testing was not considered a formal phase in a software development life cycle. With the passage of time, testing is now recognized as a necessary step, so much so that industry experts have developed standards to provide maximum testing coverage. It needs dedicated specialists who can check the software inside out.

Testing is a systematic discipline that goes through a planned life cycle. Reason is that sooner the bugs are found, lesser are the maintenance costs. Planning of the testing activities involves analyzing what kind of and level of testing is required. Should the source code review be performed?  Should the testing include black box testing? Are there any security testing requirements?

Once the planning is complete test-cases / scenarios are created in the test design phase against the software requirements and design. These scenarios are then executed in the test-execution phase; defects are logged, and fixed. Careful teams even measure their own processes, for an optimized and effective verification effort. Once this verification is complete, the software is checked for validity against the original customer requirements. It is also important that the customer is also involved during the later activities. It helps in the timely identification of any gaps in the implemented solution from the business perspective.

All of the above activities help in a significant manner. They increase the confidence that software developed will not produce unanticipated results, or will not be a failure. This is very important to the businesses because if the software produces incorrect results, it may cost them a lot to get the failures rectified, once this happens after the customers have purchased their software. It not only affects financially but also results in the bad reputation.

For more reliable results always it is good, to hire a consultant or a good tester. Many online companies in this regard can be found out so that one can enjoy the pleasure of safe coding and safety of website hosting etc. I can recommend one named as checkmarx.com, which I preferably use as well.

As for my mother, she is a fabulous cook and we never found too less or too much salt, but she was always prudent to prepare the perfect meals, never forgetting to ask us, how much the salt was! It is one of our ways to praise her and for her to e motivated to keep cooking the best and healthiest foods of all.

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