Secrets of Successful Link-Building


Modern life is so impacted by the cyber world that the extent is almost incomprehensible. Be it your personal life, professional or business life; all depend a great deal on the World Wide Web. If you are new to Search Engine Optimization and online marketing and promotion; you may not be aware of the immense value of back links. It is actually rather simple. It is the number of back links on your website that are noticed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others and they decide the listing and ranking of your page, based on the number of links that are bringing a reader to your page or website.

There are a number of ways that you can create successful links. E.g. free online classifieds that you can post of free classified website and free ads online in India. You can use Article writing, online forums, link exchange programs, blog directories etc.

Writing articles

Most professional bloggers use this link building tool. They write articles related to their bog or page and submit them to high traffic article directories. If you are using a good article submitting software then you can do it very easily on a hundred or two hundred article directories and can easily manage to get a hundred visitors from just one article.

Link exchange

The net offers a number of exchange programs. You can utilize them by visiting other free online classifieds, free classified websites and by using free ads in India. You can also visit other blogs and pages and leave a back link at the end of your comment, suggestion or addition. This usually brings people to visit your link.

Online forums

Online forums are mainly used by people looking for answers to their problems. You can always offer suggestions and provide a back link for people to click on to visit your page. What you need to do is look for high traffic forums that can bring you more and more traffic.

Blog Directories

You can get people to visit your page by submitting your blog to a lot of directories. One of the best websites for this is There are many other such websites that you can visit and build links on.

Free online classified

There are some free online classifieds that have a good page ranking and if you post some free ads online in India, you can receive a good number of visitors. It is easier than writing articles and blogging, but, does need skill and panache.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another way of successful link building, though, it must be done carefully. IF you create too many back links from social bookmarking sites, you can get marked as a spammer.

Free software

There is free software that analyzes the incoming links to a website. You can use these to find the number of links that are connected to your website. More importantly, you can find out the number of links that your competition is having on major search engine results. Most probably, the one on the top will have maximum number of links. Your aim, now should be to get as close as you possibly can to those numbers and at least grab a place in the top five highly ranked websites.

Do it consistently

The best and longest lasting link building requires patience and time. It works same as updating your website over a long period of time and creating a niche for yourself. So, create a longer lasting plan so that once you reach the top spot in the search engine results; you can manage to stay there.

Author Bio : This Guest Post is contributed by Priyanka- an internet marketing strategist and a part time blogger. Currently she is a part of – a free online classified website where you can search and post free classified ads to promote get exposure to your blog or website.

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