Satellite vs. Cable: Pros and Cons from a Consumer POV

Internet connections have come a long way since dial up. You can now use either satellite or cable to get a high-speed internet connection that is secure for your home. However, some people debate about which one is the better choice, based on price, speed, and reliability.

Which is More Expensive?

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They are actually comparable, with satellite leaning slightly higher. For most people, price plays a huge factor in deciding between cable and satellite for internet service. This is because there is a wide range of prices and you typically have to pay more to get a faster speed. There is usually a higher premium for satellite, but that is because it offers the fastest speeds. However, satellite may be cheaper in your area than cable, so do some research before subscribing to one versus the other. So, if price is your main concern, try to find a satellite service that is the same price as cable.

Additionally, you might be about to save money on your internet service through a bundling package. Many internet service providers also offer other services, such as phone and TV, that can be bundled together into one bill with a discount. There might also be multiple plans to choose from to suit your needs.

Does Speed Really Matter Anymore

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Yes, it certainly does. While you won’t see as big of a difference between cable and satellite speeds as you do between dial up and DSL, there still is a difference. You are always going to get faster internet speeds from satellite because you are getting Internet direct from the source. When you use cable, there are lots of factors that go into the speed you get, such as the type of wire routing you have and whether you are in a remote location or not.

Some people don’t notice that it takes their internet connection a second or two longer to load a webpage, but if this is something that bothers you, go with satellite. If you are more of an occasional internet user, it probably doesn’t matter. Of course, no matter what you get, make sure you have a 12 Mbps minimum to keep you happy and connected at high speeds.

Which Internet Service is the Most Reliable?

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Both satellite and cable are pretty reliable, but they both do have flaws. For instance, satellite internet service can be disrupted by snow gathering in the outside dish. This can be cleaned out, but it is an added hassle. That’s why some people don’t like to use satellite service when they live in snowy areas. Additionally, you have to be able to place your dish on your home with a clear view of the southern sky to receive a signal. Cable has been around since the 70s, so it has been perfected a lot. In general, you’ll see a 97 percent uptime.

Overall, satellite is a better choice than cable because the speeds are so much better and the price isn’t that much higher. However, some climates might lean towards cable because of the up times. If you’re doing research about internet service providers in your area, check out the availability of Satellite Internet by zip code.

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