Rage of the Gladiator Action Mobile Game for iOS


A true warrior is one who knows he is about to die, but still continues to fight until his very last breath. The game – Rage of the Gladiator, is based on similar grounds and has the elements to bring out the warrior in you and save Gracius from his inevitable death. Developed by Ghostfire Studios and Gamelion studios, the title after delighting the Android and WiiWare fans has now made its entry in the iOS Devices. So, let’s check out how the game fares, overall.

The Plot:

The Plot revolves around Gracius, the prince of Avelencia. He is the twin son born to Marius (the King) and Maia (the Queen). Minutes after his birth, Gracius’ twin brother is born with the death of his mother. The two, who have become mature now, eventually witness their father’s death. The king’s death sparks up a lot of speculation and unfortunately the blame falsely (or forcefully) falls on Gracius. Gracius is now seized by his own soldiers and sentenced to death. But, the demise is not going to be an easy one! Gracius is thrown into an arena and is forced to encounter several bosses and villains including dragons, snake charmers, one-eyed creatures and other human bosses. This is where the players take charge and help Gracius live his life and prove his innocence. Will he?


Fight for survival is the key concept of the game. With bosses getting spawned one after the other and the gameplay becoming increasingly difficult with each incrementing stage, the game is sure to offer hours of sword-slashing action. The game puts the players in a first person perspective, where they can see only their shields and swords when combating.

Every boss that the players encounter has a unique ability and a fighting technique, constrained to him alone. There are no two villains in this game with the same combating style or powers. This further adds to the excitement of the game. It begins on a rookie or a novice note and as the players progress; the gameplay begins to get harder and harder. Once they’ve wiped out every other villain in the novice mode, the players progress to the warrior mode and then finally to the Gladiator mode. After every successful encounter, the gamers are rewarded with points, which they can use to upgrade their abilities and attacks. Also, every attack and blow that you land on your enemy fills up your energy bar, which when maximum can be used to deliver special attacks and deadly blows.

The controller options in this game, very much resemble the Infinity Blade, where every action is on-screen based. The players can perform four types of offensive actions namely, the high left/right attacks and the low left/right attacks by just swiping their screen. On the defensive front, the actions include dodge, shield-blocks and jumps.

The Graphics:

Being a fantasy game, the title has quality visual elements with colorful rendition of beasts, creatures, bosses and arenas. With minimal lags and vivid representation of battles, it turns out to be a rival to one of the best iOS games of the year – the Infinity Blade.

The Bottom Line:

Rage of the Gladiator is an enjoyable game, which is great to kill your opponents and your time. The game’s combating system and the roster of enemies in the arena make this game even more compelling. So, go for it!

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