New must have 2013 technology for your small business

For small enterprises, investing in faster, more cost-effective technology is an excellent strategy for reducing costs. Not only does it improve efficiency, but it can also help small businesses to expand by increasing the productivity of their teams. From mobile and SEO to credit card machines for small businesses, we take a look at some of the best new technology for SMEs in 2013.

#1 – Mobile technology to make your business more visible

More consumers are accessing websites through their mobile phones, which means businesses must have a mobile-optimised website in order to attract visitors. Mobile websites need to be quick and easy to use to satisfy consumers’ demand for instant access to the information they need. This means small businesses need to provide ever-faster links to product listings, pricing, delivery details and any other information compared with a PC or laptop-optimised website. The customer also needs to see that information, so make sure your mobile website is optimised to work with the smaller screen of a smartphone.

#2 – Monitor your website’s performance with Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps small businesses analyse their SEO techniques and consumer behaviour. The more they know about the dynamics of their businesses, the easier it is to understand which techniques are leading to sales and which techniques are deterring them. Google Analytics makes it easier for businesses to improve their SEO by determining which external and internal links are converting to sales, and whether recent SEO practices have achieved their objectives.

#3 – Use teleconferencing to communicate to your team, wherever they are

Online teleconferencing enables large teams to communicate without the need for advanced equipment.  As more businesses hire employees and freelancers as remote workers to reduce costs, this form of communication is particularly important for discussing important business projects. Skype is a popular choice for many small businesses because it is offers free conference calls and messaging to other users when they are signed into their Skype accounts. Powwownow also offers businesses the chance to use instant conference calls for to up to 50 participants and, like Skype, offers a premium option with many other benefits such as high quality video conferencing.

#4 – Store data on a cloud network to boost efficiency

Storing business data on an online cloud network makes it easier for businesses to distribute important information to their team members. Storing data online may also be safer and more secure than keeping it on a laptop or PC. When laptops or PCs are stolen or damaged, data may be impossible to recover. With Microsoft SkyDrive, small businesses can replicate their files on many different systems, which is a much faster and more convenient option to distributing files through various e-mails.

#5 – Use Intuit Pay card payments

Intuit Pay gives business the chance to take card payments either in-person or from their offices. With the Intuit Pay free app and a credit card machine for small businesses, you can accept cards at any place at any time. This gives you total flexibility over your payments, allowing you to process them at any time of the day. With many people preferring to pay for products and services by card as opposed to cash, the Intuit Pay system will help you to maintain and increase your sales.

These five new technology platforms are just some of the ways that small businesses can improve their sales and expand their operations in 2013.

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