Meet the New Photoshop CS6 – More Powerful Than Ever!

Photoshop CS6

The new version of the most exciting and the most popular photo editing software has been released, and its name is Photoshop CS6. The latest version of Adobe’s Photoshop comes with many new tools, as well as many improved ones, so some Photoshop CS6 tutorials should definitely be considered if you would like to master this version of the program. However, even though there are many improvements and innovations which have been introduced, it is still important to know that Photoshop has remained fairly easy to use for anybody who has used this software before.

Know Your Basics

The first thing you are advised to do when you first install Photoshop CS6 is to set your preferences, meaning that everything is how you like it. This will let you use the software more easily and give you a chance to do all the tasks more quickly. All important preferences can be found under the Edit tab, by clicking Preferences, and then clicking General. If you like your shortcuts, you can use CTRL+K in order to do this more quickly. For example, it is good to check the following boxes for your convenience: Animated Zoom, Zoom with Scroll Wheel, Zoom Resizes Windows, and so on. Basically, you should try out all the things and see which preferences fit you perfectly.

The Camera Raw Interface

If you are using the Camera Raw interface, all the photos you drag to Photoshop will be opened with the default panel on the right, which will reveal many different slide controls. In spite of the fact this might seem intimidating, you will be able to simply slide all the controls left and right, achieving all sorts of different effects on your photo. By doing this, you can adjust the color temperature, contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, saturation, clarity, and so forth. After you have used these controls, you can use the Open Image button and open the photo in Photoshop, instead of the Camera raw interface.

The Content-Aware Fill Option

Although this option has been available in the previous version of Photoshop, the new version takes this tool to a whole new level indeed. Many users report that this tool works almost miraculously or magically, filling the blank canvas you have added with content that are actually logical to be put there. For example, you can easily take a photo of a beach and the horizon, and expand the horizon almost magically by this tool. Sometimes the results are not perfect, but in many cases they are simply magical.

The Content-Aware Move Option

Yet another seemingly magical tool in Photoshop CS6 is the content-aware move tool. Namely, you can use this tool to draw a line around any object in the photo you would like to move, but keep in mind to replicate the shape of the object as much as you can, while leaving a bit of space between the line you are drawing and the object. After this, you simply click on the object and move it wherever you want, and the result will be that the object will blend in the surroundings perfectly, while leaving behind no trail of ever being moved.

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