IPod vs. Portable MP3 Player: Which One Do You Recommend?

One of the hottest topics these days, as we all have seen the downfall of portable MP3 players lately, we are not getting more connected with the latest devices to join the music storage. There was a time when you would put on an MP3 player and walk around i.e. in late 90s. The period of Walkman was just amazing where it was everyone’s wish to enjoy music no matter where they are. Music, according to some individuals is one of the mind-accelerating thing which gets one to think as proactively as they can.

Music If My Lifestyle

For most bloggers, freelancers out there, music is a lifestyle. Their day starts off with listening to some pop music and ends with listening to some rock or either hip-hop. So to keep this trend of connecting a user with the music library, Apple Inc. came up with the idea of launching iPod which really worked out pretty well for most teenagers. And not just this, they came in different eye-candy colors to make it worthy of buying and some even got them and as a fashion. In most places, going around with music soothing your mind makes you think about the world in a different way i.e. the view of observation is parallel to the type of music you listen to.

MP3 Players Going Obsolete

No one talks about MP3 players anymore as they had their peak time and now it’s the iPod era. Music is now on your finger tips. You get different applications to get music downloaded right in the iPod memory i.e. unlike MP3 players you don’t have to find some desktop system to transfer music files through a data cable. IPod is doing pretty well these days as we all now know how important it is to stay connected with the top music libraries. MP3 players are totally old school now.

New Generation & Music Devices

The new generation is prone to get attracted towards such handy devices that deliver the best to them. Not always we would find some handy devices like these. It was hectic to carry with yourself a Walkman which needed some space in your pocket and would occupy it completely besides its overall appearance was a turn off anyway and odd and this weak point was taken as the major competency by Apple Inc. which really turned out to be the best change they could get to the new generation.

Technology sure has brought some mega changes in almost every field of our lives. Be it some visualization or file transferring, From VCR to DVD players, from Nokia 3310 to iPhone 5 and more. Most of us are probably wishing to see more of such mind-petrifying inventions that bring with them a guarantee of causing change in your lifestyle.

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