Important Things to Look in Choosing Your Desire Android Phone

Android Phone

Over the past few years, manufacturers have surprised us with the introduction of wonderful android phones that makes life easier and enjoyable. However, it can be overwhelming when it comes to the choice of the best gadget with almost every one of them having a lot to offer and knowing the best features to look for could prove helpful in getting the right device. Even with the new phones hitting the market every day, the truth of the matter is that you will need to look for one that will serve your needs and this is the reason as to why you should know the best specs in the phone and what they mean to you. Do not fall for the manufacturers’ marketing gimmicks instead looking at the important features every time you plan to acquire a new phone.

What to consider when looking for the best android phone:

Android Phone Manufactures

The first thing that many people are concerned about is the brand name. Well, there is a good reason as to why this is the case and you will need to look for the brand name that you trust. Android phones and tablets come from various manufacturers including Samsung, Motorola, HTC and LG among others. The preference when it comes to the Smartphone varies from one person to the other and this means you should be able to get the brand that you trust.

Your Desire Phone’s Specs

Consider the processor of the phone you want to buy as this is one of the most crucial elements. With number of processors available, you will need to consider whether you a Quad core, Tegra 3, Snapdragon, and OMAP or 1GHZ dual core. Depending with the speed you are comfortable with, look for an android phone that is able to process the prompt commands fast. The higher the processing power however, the more costly the phone and therefore you should be ready to invest some more money to get the best specs.

Check for the operating system version. Different phones have been upgrading their OS at different paces with the android OS updating faster compared to all other Operating Systems. Although most of the smart phones might not be able to accommodate the latest versions of the android OS, it will be important to be on the lookout for the best operating system based on its upgradable capabilities. It will be important to consider a phone that has the latest OS as this brings you more features and higher compatibility unlike what you get from the older versions.

The memory of the android phone is also an important spec that you will need to look at. With phones playing more important roles than just calling and sending SMSs, you will need to look at what the phone has to offer you in terms of memory with most of the available phones today offering you 16GB or even 64GB onboard memory. Depending with your phone usage, consider going for one that allows you sufficient memory to cater for all your needs. In case you plan to store movies and downloaded music in your phone, then you have no option other than to go for higher memory phones that offer you 16GB or 32GB. It will also be important to point out that the higher the memory, the costlier the phone will be and you might need to consider buying an android phone that offers you a memory card slot which will enable you to upgrade the memory at a lower cost.

The battery life is also an important factor to consider when buying your Smartphone. While there are many factors that will affect your phone’s battery life, getting an android that does not hamper your communication while on the move is important as this is something you cannot ignore. You should therefore be able to establish how the battery of your desired phone performs and whether it can be relied upon to offer you quality services for long. It is however important to know that your battery life is affected by factors such as usage, the processing power, operating temp, background running services, screen size and display among others. In light of this, always look at the capacity of the battery as this will help accommodate the aforementioned factors efficiently.

The User-Interface

You should also be able to consider the android user-interface as different gadgets come with these specs as well. Different phone manufacturers normally include their own interfaces thus making different devices from different manufacturers to work and look differently even though they are the same version of android. For example you will find out that Samsung phones have Touch Wiz while Motorola gadgets have Moto Blur and all of them are different.

Consider the manufacturer updates when searching for a reliable Smartphone. Unlike the computer OS, android phones have operating systems that are purely dependent on the devices. This means you should look for a phone that has a newer OS to enable you a chance to enjoy the latest and most useful features that might be available with the upgrade. Some manufacturers such as HTC are well known for efficient upgrades and thus their android Smartphone’s are well known when it comes to this feature.

There are other valuable factors that you should consider such as the build of the phone and other additional features depending with their importance in your day to day phone usage. These include high speed 4G LTE data capacity, USB connectivity, a physical QWERTY keyboard, WIFI, Bluetooth as well as the network under which the android Smartphone is to be used. It is however worth noting that not every new gadget that hits the market will allow you to enjoy quality services and therefore you should be patient before buying any new device that is introduced by the various manufacturers. This allows you time to gauge its performance and also see various reviews from different users as a way of knowing whether it is suitable for you.

Whatever the case however, there is no denying that android smartphone and tablets have taken communication into a new different level and there is no telling what is to be expected in the coming years.

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