Important On-Page SEO Factors

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Search engine optimization is an art which comes only through sheer expertise and experience. And with frequent changes in the search engine algorithms by Google, this becomes even more important to hire the right SEO consultant from India or elsewhere to better optimize your website. Even with the change in algorithms, the on-page optimization strategy should also change accordingly for the year 2013. But, on-page SEO is still holds importance with the right targeted keywords.

So, what are the key on-page SEO factors?

  • On-Page SEO Factors:

Design of Your Website:

Obviously, this is the first and most important factor for any website. Your complete site design plays a very important role in you’re the overall search engine optimization of your website. Take utmost care while designing the layout or theme of the site.

Content is the King!

The content of a web page has always been vital and with the changes algorithms, good and quality content of a page is what makes it worthy of a higher search result position. Your content is what the users are really interested in and they come searching for it. So, it is absolutely vital to create engaging content. And even from an SEO standpoint, all good content has two qualities: it should meet the demand of the viewers and it must be linkable.

Title Tag:

The title tag of any website announces the content of it and hence it makes each page unique. So, it is important to give separate title tags to each of your website pages. They carry great weightage in terms of how you rank on the SERPs. So, it is essential that you spend enough time in designing the title tags of your website. And most important, it should include relevant keywords in the content of your pages. To be more search-friendly, use more popular keywords at the beginning of your title tags.

Meta Tags:

Your Meta tags should be relevant to your content. A good Meta description increases the click-through rate on organic search. Make sure you have an H1 title tag and that your keywords are found in the H1 Title Tag of your content. If you have H2 and H3 tags, include your keywords in at least one of them. And describe what your page content is about and the various benefits or value to readers, and then a good call to action and keep your Meta description tags under 200 characters.

Link Building:

Link building has become crucial in today’s search engine optimization. Here, what I mean as far as on-page SEO is concerned, internal link building is very important. Simply make sure to give all the related information to your reader that is really very useful to them. This will not only help you reduce bounce rates, but at the same time will also increase the total time spent on your site which will improve the site’s importance to the search engines.

On-page SEO is really a big, important thing. And to optimize in the best possible way, you can hire an SEO company from India which is the global hub for any outsourced SEO projects.

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