How To Use Mind Mapping For Your Content Marketing Strategy

Mind mapping might be a relatively new concept when it comes to content marketing, but it is one that works effectively to structure information and improve your content production process.

Here are three ways that you can use mind mapping to support your content marketing strategy.

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1. Make Resource Maps

To make a resource map, you need to create a collection of resources on one specific topic that you know your readers are interested in. Within this resource map you need to include embedded links to sites where they can gather new information on this topic.

Ideally, you want to make sure your topics list doesn’t contain links. Instead, put the links and resources in the body of your blog post.  Some mind mapping tools, like MindMeister, allow you to embed links, thus presenting an integrated opportunity.


2. Use Mind Maps to Convey Complex Information

The ability to display complex or dry information to consumers in an easy to understand way is one of the main benefits of using mind maps.

When prepared correctly, mind maps can show the relationship between complex thoughts and big-picture ideas very quickly in a way that words simply can’t.

(You can take very complex ideas and create categories and subcategories, and enhance your maps by creating visuals and relationships between subjects.) Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


3. Use Mind Maps to Explain Simple Processes

Mind maps are also very beneficial for displaying simple processes in a how-to or step-by-step manner.

In plain text, understanding a simple task could take a few minutes for many readers.

With mind maps, that same task can be understood in a matter of seconds because of the way visual information is presented and processed.

From complex to simple, basic ideas, mind maps help you convey information quickly and efficiently.

These aren’t all of the ways mind maps can be used, but they’re some of the most common and efficient. Incorporating mind mapping into your marketing strategy can help make your content easier for readers to understand while making sure they stay interested visually.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and online marketing professional from California. She works with and with her expertise in social networking and search marketing, knows the importance of pairing high-quality content with a solid marketing strategy.


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