Guest Blogging – The best form of SEO

Guest Blogging

The internet poses an excellent income opportunity for entrepreneurs and it is still an untapped source of business for many established firms, if you want to succeed online important to stand out. Everyone is trying to do something new and offer something unique, not just to attract new business but also to get repeat custom. Repeat business and a loyal customer base have become even more important since Google’s recent algorithm changes and the ever evolving internet.

The web is expanding at a very high rate. So how can you distinguish yourself from the competition? Creating a site with an eye catching design and interesting content is always a good idea but this is probably no longer enough.

Traffic as you have probably worked out is the idea behind any website, there is no point in building a website if no one ever sees it, is there? Traffic can come from many sources on the internet, when I first started online marketing about 9 years ago I tried traffic exchanges and PPC. Traffic from exchanges or cheap sites that sell 10,000 hits for $10 is usually worthless because the visitors are either not interested in your content or just bots.

PPC is a better form of paid traffic, but it is costly and getting costlier every day, I did not make any money from my sites until I learned about organic SEO and how to make my sites rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Organic SEO means free targeted traffic. So how do I get my own and my client sites to rank well in the search results? To compete in the ever competitive organic search results you need links, despite recent algorithm changes and social media signals links are still essential to improve your organic rankings. Not just any links though, high quality relevant links are required in today’s post penguin/panda world.

To build up the reputation of a site, increase its popularity and search results many experts agree guest bloggingis extremely effective. It can be you who is writing for the blogs of others or others may write for your blog. Either way bloggers benefit.

Reasons why guest blogging is so effective

The most important factor to maintaining a blog is to keep adding relevant, useful content and links to it.If you are a blog owner you should invite as many good guest bloggers as possible. Guest blogging can help setup and establish a brand for your blog, which in turn will result in more social sharing, increased traffic and better SEO.

Allowing guests posts and different experts to share their views and information on your blog is extremely useful, it means that your audience gets to hear a different opinion on topics or learn about new ideas closely related to what interests them. This builds conversion on your blog.

Why you should guest blog on other sites

Guest blogging plays an important role when it comes to SEO. Google say that they can now detect unnatural link profiles and people trying to game the organic search results, so it is important to keep your blog’s link profile natural and guest blogging can be a very effective method when it comes to doing this.

It is natural for an expert in their field to share and blog of his or her knowledge and skill isn’t it?Writing for other related blogs means the expert gets a chance showcase their knowledge to a new audience and to improve their reputation.

In summary, if you want to be a success online you need to gain high quality links and show yourself as an expert in your field. Once visitors get to your site you need to differentiate yourself from the competition by building a vibrant community that has discussion and opinions closely related your business.

This guest post was supplied by Mark Stubbles, an entrepreneur and owner of several sites on all kinds of topics. Marks’ latest venture is where he offers cost effective SEO Services.

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