Does Your Site’s PR Matter When Building Links?


One of the most important considerations while building any websites is the public relations component as it proves to be greatly beneficial in drawing attention of the media to bring in new visitors to your site. Building inbound links from the media for publicity purpose for any businesses is a very good technique and with the changed algorithms, it is more than handy for the SEO link building services. You can easily exploit the web to search for the journalists to spread your message largely to the right audience. Your site’s public relations rest much on right link buildings and hence it matters the most these days.

Why PR Matters a Lot?

  • Brings in Direct Traffic:

Media attention brings in direct traffic to your website. You can get your site mentioned in any national newspaper and you can see the marked rise of visitors to your website as a result of media coverage in the mainstream media. Those who are interested in your services will enter your URL or if the URL is not mentioned, they will search for your company name and you will get sizeable business from such increased public coverage.

  • Gets In More Links:

Bloggers usually are looking for some catchy news or good, interesting stories. So, if your story gets featured, then bloggers comment on it which directs their readers to your site. All you need is just one important media coverage to get noticed and so it is important for the link building strategists to give importance to public relations in the media. By getting noticed in the media, bloggers will pick the story up and link to your website when they write which means more traffic and business and hence this coverage proves to be a great way to get links without having to ask for them. You can also use sites like or other social media sites which can also bring a big number of visitors to your website.

  • PR Increases Search Engine Rankings:

Your public relations component is very important for the ranking on the search engine pages as Google considers such links as ‘authority links’ as they are checked by the editor or the journalists which obviously adds to the credibility of your website. Besides, other journalists will also write about you if your story is featured as they’ll trust you more and will be more likely to write about your site. So, any links that you catch as a result of your PR campaigns will help your search engine rankings.

  • How to Improve Your PR?

So, for any business to be featured in the mainstream media is itself an achievement and you can capitalize upon it and reap rich rewards in terms of increased traffic. So, to increase your PR, the easiest way is to hire an SEO Link Building Services company. Such companies are excellent at improving the public presence of your company and they even offer various Link Building Packages which you can select as per your requirements. And you can easily yoke their expertise and range of contacts to your benefits which can be proved invaluable for your business. But, it is sensible only to verify their credentials and expertise of public relation campaigns.

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