Document Editing Tools: Office Suite Pro 6.5 for Android – Review

It is the era of the mobile device now, whether it’s a Smartphone or Tablet; no longer is the laptop or Notebook the most coveted gizmo for the exec on the go. The only trouble with mobile devices was the paucity of document editing tools. OfficeSuite Pro 6.5 intends to fill this gap and convert your Android phone or tablet into an efficient machine that creates and manages documents. It is a solid document creating, editing, and dispatching tool.

It is quick and responsive and is certain to be beyond what you would expect. Right from the app’s homescreen you can create and edit new documents in any of the Office applications like Word, Powerpoint or Excel. The following formats are supported by this app: doc, docx, docm, xls, slsx, xlsm, rtf, txt, log,csv, ppt, pptx,ppsx,pps,pptm,pdf,eml and zip.

The app saves files on your phone as well as on the cloud; it connects to Google Drive, SkyDrive, DropBox and so on, and it’s very simple to set up the services, and access and edit your documents.

OfficeSuite Pro also makes document sharing very easy: you can transmit directly to another device or get a hard copy printed via Google Cloud’s Print service.

The app is great when you want to create and modify text documents. The availability of advanced features like highlighting, endnotes and footnotes in addition to the standard text formatting tools is a big plus. What’s amazing is that you can even create and edit comments within a document which is so great when you’re editing other users’ docs. Mind you, you can’t use it for in depth editing as you can’t see or track changes.

It works pretty well with spreadsheets too, even though entering spreadsheet data on a small screen can be a bit of a pain; you also have the option to create cell functions.

It’s not so great for PowerPoint presentations however and the interface is a little sluggish. However the colorful themes and animated slide transitions make the process less tedious.

The cloud services feature is a huge benefit though it can be risky as you could lose data connection before you save the document. The app saves your document on your phone if your Wi-Fi or data connection is lost and restores it in case your device shuts down. But the save is temporary and you must save it manually before you move away from it.

Editing collaborative docs on the cloud also is a little problematic at times as the app downloads the doc, and overwrites the edited version to the cloud; so the work done by another user may get lost.
Local storage solution is however very solid and it’s easy to create new folders to store your docs.

The only negative point I can find is the interface; it could have been a little more user friendly.

On the whole this is an amazing app that brings vital Office tools to your phone and functions efficiently to boot.

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