Comodo Firewall 2013 – Review

Comodo Firewall

While Windows might include its own firewall, most users prefer another backup to protect their computing devices. This is a good idea and choosing the right one is important. The Comodo Firewall 2013 is a good choice.
With a number of handy features thrown in, this edition of Comodo is easier to handle and takes care of a large number of risks. Here’s a brief run-through of what to expect from the firewall.

Desktop Access:

Comodo 2013 comes with a desktop widget that allows you to check security status whenever you want to. From here you can open the main window or even browse the web in ‘protected’ mode from your browser. The widget is a new addition that is going down well with users.

Program Control:

A firewall keeps track of all network and Internet access programs and ensures that no unnecessary communication takes place. Comodo works pretty well in its Safe Mode, automatically allowing trusted programs to go through. If an unknown program pops up, you will be asked whether to allow or deny the connection.

You can even configure Comodo to give a program limited access, instead of blocking it completely. While Norton and Kaspersky (2013 editions) take care of program control internally, Comodo relies on user decisions.

Behavior Blocker:

You need to turn this on if you want Comodo 2013 to detect suspicious activity. Once it’s up and ready, it will isolate and run unknown programs in ‘sandbox mode’. This way malicious changes to your computer cannot take place.

This means that older programs will bring up a window asking you whether you want to run the program in isolation. This can be a little frustrating if you know that the program is harmless. Newer programs shouldn’t face this issue.

Secure DNS and Phishing Protection:

If you’re a tech geek, you’ll know all about the Domain Name System that transforms a web address into an IP address. Public DNS servers can come under attack, but Comodo’s Secure DNS is fortified against such an issue. Malware-hosting sites are automatically blocked so you don’t stumble upon one of them. The Secure DNS gets installed by default.
Comodo’s anti-phishing capabilities are a bit low as compared to other high-end firewalls. While using the Secure DNS offers great security, phishing sites might still slip through this firewall.

Comodo Dragon:

This is one feature that will make downloading Comodo worth your time and effort. Working just like Chrome, Comodo Dragon is a web browser that is strengthened against malicious websites. If you come across a suspicious URL, simply conduct an in-depth analysis, from the browser itself, before entering its space.

Sandbox mode is all about isolating a program when it’s running so that it doesn’t make any permanent changes to your physical computer.
Virtual Kiosk is a sandboxed desktop that offers top class protection for all your online/offline activities.

Overall, Comodo Firewall 2013 might not be the best one out there, but it certainly offers a lot while being a free product.

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