Cisco’s new top 5 routers for Small Businesses

Cisco Routers

Cisco is one of the top brand in communication industry, routers, switches, network security and numerous other products. The widest range of innovative, smart, robust and high-tech devices provide more flexibility, security and fast data flow across your busy networks. E-commerce has transformed the business world into an interconnected and competitive environment. Therefore, the small companies are also making technical advancements to their IT centers and networks so that they can compete against the tough rival companies. For the small businesses, Cisco has an attractive range of high-class routers. Below is the brief description of each router series that would boost your network security and reliability.

800 Series Router

These high-speed routers are designed for superior performance across all Gigabit Ethernet, XDSL and widest range of WAN technologies. They are well suited for heterogeneous scenarios and offer numerous fixed configurations. Moreover, Cisco has designed these 800 routers in two marketing –leading form factors (Hardened and Compact). This provides users excellent choice of deploying these router in complex environments. Good news is that you can implement a consistent I.T policy and satisfy any requirement. They provide a comfortable and noiseless working environment because they are fanless.

SPR500 Series Router

The network administrators of small companies can confidently connect to 4G, 3G and DSL services. It is supported by the broadest range of USB modems. It provides a solid platform for wireless capabilities, VPN capabilities and routing. You can also take advantage of hosted security and IP telephony. With this Cisco router, you can enjoy superior performance with a fast speed of 802.11n along with robust network security. The users can easily manage it with an Ethernet switch (4 port).

RV Series Router

Connecting the small business devices to your internal organizational network is as important as gaining access to the outside collaborative business environment. Cisco RV routers facilitate the small organizations to securely and efficiently make these data exchanges at the best price.
You can secure your valuable business assets against internal threats. In addition to advanced encryption, Cisco has introduced Firewalls and various other authentication functionalities. Thanks to the Virtual private network (VPN), a robustly-secured internet pathway is provided to your organizations’ remote workforce. They can conveniently access the company data and E-mail. Users will enjoy maximum network expandability with RV series routers. They are well suited for wireless connectivity and can be trusted for advanced connection sharing.

1900 Series Router

These routers reduce the operating costs for your branch office and work excellently with broadest array of HWICs and WICs. You can enjoy interactive media collaboration and reliable decouple software with the help of service modules. Universal IOS image is provided to you that would allow quick and trouble-free deployment of new services. These routers are energy efficient and make your business more agile. So confidently integrate broad range of application services.

2900 Series Router

They ensure secure mobility and provide highly secure video-ready architecture. You can add on virtual services and secure your video, voice and other valuable data against all types of malicious attacks. The flexible VPN support increases the productivity of your mobile staff.


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