Can Press Release Help Your SEO Efforts ?


The SEO community is always debating about one subject or another, and for the past few months, the relevance of press releases has been put into question by many people out there, so much so that most people are now on the fence about them. In order to determine whether or not that is actually the case, it is important to first investigate as to where this line of thought originated. Most people attribute it to Matt Cutts who has once posted on his blog a sentence where he expressed his doubt as to whether or a press release on would directly impact a website’s PageRank.

For most people this meant that news releases are utterly useless from a search engine optimization perspective and that they aren’t even worth being bothered with. As many of you probably suspect, there are some problems with this line of reasoning, the first one being that Matt Cutts is the head of the Google Webspam Team, meaning that he has an agenda. If the company he is working for, Google, tries to get people to stop doing something, Matt will more than likely post content to help with that. In other words, he is not only bound by his sense of professionalism to do the company’s will, but he is also shackled by ethics which dictate that the head of the Webspam team has to be willing to rid the internet of those exploiting it.

So what was Matt trying to achieve by saying that a press release isn’t exactly worthwhile? Well, in recent years there has been an excessive amount of people who have been using low-quality and “spammy” article and press release directories in order to build up easy links to their websites. Despite the fact that most people aren’t going to bother with this type of content, the backlinks alone are helping the website rank higher with the search engines. In the end, Matt Cutts is trying to promote the idea that you can’t simply get an easy link from websites like PRWeb anymore and hope to build your business on them.

With that being said, there is still one extremely important point that hasn’t been really discussed yet: Matt Cutts didn’t just come out and say that press releases aren’t going to yield any benefits. He meant that exploiting them would end up yielding negative consequences. Making high-quality posts on major press release and news websites are actually going to help you, netting you backlinks and visitors however, the fact that the content needs to be of very high quality cannot be stressed enough. It’s the only thing that separates you, a legitimate business owner or marketer, from a simple spammer who is trying to exploit the system for his or her own personal gains.

As a matter of fact, Matt Cutts has actually taken the time to react to this whole fiasco, releasing a statement in which he mentions that (and I’m paraphrasing here) a good, high-quality and legitimate press release will end up attracting the attention of news site owners and employees who may decide to link to you, improving your standing with the search engines and netting you a truckload of extra traffic. However, he also went on record saying that the actual content itself present in a press release will bear no effect on your website. Don’t take that as a reason to slack off, for as was mentioned before, putting out low-quality content is a sure way of getting looked down upon.

And so, to sum thing , even though writing a press release may not bear the advantages it once did, it still can prove to give your business a worthwhile boost, but only if you do it the right way. That is to say, you need to make sure that the content is of high-quality, and regardless of how zealous you feel, it is important not to make too many press releases and keep it flowing at a natural pace. You need to set yourself aside from the rest, and the quality of your content is as good a place as any to start. If you don’t exactly know how to write a press release, then you can always hire one of the thousands of freelance writers working online, or you could try and follow one of the many free press release guides available on the internet.

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