Broken Link Building-It Really Works!

What is Broken Link Building?

Broken Link Building also known as ‘Dead Link Building’ can be defined as, “a technique that involves pointing out a link on another website that is no longer working and also asking for a link to your website. Often the broken link leads to a 404 page. The link will be on a page that is relevant to your niche and appears to be a good fit for inclusion of your site. You perform a solid by pointing out the broken link to the webmaster and in return, suggest that your link be added or be used as a replacement.”

Concept of Broken Link Building

  • Within your relevant market sectors, it finds you resources pages.
  • To check the links on the pages to discover that are they broken or not.
  • To tell the person about the broken link by contacting them behind the site and indicate them with the alternative quality resource.

You can find resources page using Google operators and to find broken links you can use a link checker on the page. Learn this to do it at scale after testing this basic concept for your business that is it right or not – where you are getting thousands of opportunities at a time of the broken link.

How to Find Broken Links

  1. When you visit any webpage, use the ‘Check My Links Extension’ on it.
  2. In OSE, check Top Pages tab for any competitor in your niche and also look for ‘404 pages’ with the external links that are pointing at them.
  3. To find relevant sites, use Google Search Operators. Which will provide you with the lists of hundreds of relevant sites.
  4. To find 404 pages, append those export those lists of links to Screaming Frog and then run them with OSE. And to find the status codes of its outbound links, run a single page alternatively.
  5. To find the broken links, you can run a web site with W3C’s Link Checker.
  6. After finding the broken link, run it through OSE to find who all are linking to it. With this you may find some good links from that single broken link.
  7. In OSE, you can export a great number of competitor’s followed back link profiles, then combine the results and filter it for URLs containing Directory, Link, Resources, where to buy or whatever fits your niche. Sort the sites by PA/DA, visit, run link checker, email.

Is Broken Link Building Suitable for all Sorts of Sites?

Broken Link Building plays an important part in the link building strategies. But in markets, it works best where you can find good quality content, community and opinion. And it is not the best option for the links to the pure sales web pages.

Do it at scale, here are some tips :

  • A person with strategy who understand the client, the market and most importantly with what they are more comfortable. This person must look-after the use of contractors, software tools and the operation.
  • A clear methodology is a must. Might be the steps are simple but also can be misleading because the things can go wrong as there are many steps. Another important thing is to develop a detailed checklist which suits your niche.
  • Team of contact finders is essential. As the software will only find out between 20-60% of contacts for your anticipation. The only way out of this is to ask a human to do it.
  • Also you will be needing a same team for the submission of web forms.
  • There is a need of a good outreach manager. To plan to respond the emails personally and to make a link happen, do everything.


Thus, there are many possibilities in the world of broken link building. So if the SEO experts learn to utilize them, then this would certainly be helpful and can be the unexpected winner of all the techniques and in the long run it can also be a game-changer.

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