Best VoIP Application: Google Voice vs FaceTime vs Skype

Best VoIP App

With Google Voice getting into the foray VoIP Applications have become even more competitive. They are now offering voice calling or video calling facilities at very low cost to attract the maximum share of the market; thus directly benefiting the customers. VoIP applications have made telephone conversations through the computer a real-life experience even during overseas calls. The two other applications that give Google Voice a run for their money is Skype and FaceTime.

Comparing the features of the three VoIP Applications

Skype is a forerunner where voice and video calling through the computer is concerned. It has been around for a longer time compared to the other two applications. The significant quality of Skype is its portability. It is compatible with most operating systems and works with equal efficiency on desktops as well as mobile units.

The various advantages of Skype VoIP application are Skype-to-Skype voice and video calling, Skype-to-phone and Skype-to-mobile calls, conference calls, SMS, file sharing and instant messaging. The first two facilities are free of cost. The International calling capability comes at a very low cost too. Skype is available in 170-175 countries in the world, including Asia and the Far East.

Google Voice at present works on the desktop computer having the Windows operating system. Currently, it has the International calling capabilities in the US and Canada and is expected to become a global phenomenon very soon. This easy-to-use application makes the tasks of voice mail, voice transcriptions, call screening and conference calling child’s play. At present, the application provides free calls and SMS within US and Canada. As compared to Skype, additional facilities are the capability to send customized greetings in bulk, call blocking, sending SMS to email accounts, etc. that make Google Voice special.

FaceTime provides a video calling experience on Apple’s iPhone and iPad that is a class apart from the rest. It works only on Apple’s iOS platforms but is also compatible with Mac. It works purely through Wi-Fi. And it is a dedicated FaceTime-to-FaceTime video calling application. This means that the call can take place only between two Apple devices both having the FaceTime application. Your FaceTime cannot connect with another device working on Windows, for example.

For those who have a 3G mobile network, FaceTime is something you will not enjoy. The application does not work with 3G connectivity as yet. This has proven to be a great disappointment for some buyers who like the superlative experience of FaceTime calling but would like to have the speed and superb connectivity of the 3G spectrum.

The race for supremacy

When you consider the cost-effectiveness, ease of operation, portability, compatibility, facilities and freebies that come with the Skype VoIP Application, both Google Voice and FaceTime seem to fall short. Of course, Skype has had a head start over Google Voice, so we will have to review the two again in a few months depending on developments. FaceTime is great in the Apple iOS environment as long as both calling parties have Apple products and iOS operating systems. So it falls behind in the race for capturing the market due to its limited capabilities and lack of portability.

Today, Skype is still in the lead where voice, video and conference calling is concerned as it has been for many years. When you look at the package as a whole, Skype provides users with consistent connectivity, better voice capability and uninterrupted voice-data stream. With Google Voice catching up slowly the competition is expected to grow so that users can get some more facilities. However, today Skype is the best VoIP Application as compared to either Google Voice or FaceTime.

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