Android Apps that Help Maintaining Your Blogs through Mobile

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The world of blogosphere is such that a blogger is required to update its posts quite frequently with regards to the latest trends in the niche. This is the very essence of the blogging without which all the efforts can go in vain. Well, for updates to take place frequently, a blogger needs to stay connected. Today, there are many ways to keep oneself connected, which can be via desktop, laptop, or mobile. Of all, mobile phones are highly portable through which bloggers can stay connected 24×7. Luckily, there are many mobile phones that function as mini computers with high-speed Internet capabilities. So, if you are a blogger and own a smartphone that works on Android, you will surely love to have the discussed below applications to make blogging portable. This will ensure smooth updates and easy reviews of your blogs through a mobile device.


Almost all bloggers will agree that WordPress has become one of the most famous blogging platforms on the World Wide Web. There’s a lot you can do through this platform to make your blog really enticing via its SEO- and user-friendly features. WordPress itself has an easy-to-use interface for creating a blog and publishing as well as managing posts on it. Right from adding videos to moderating comments, the tool is really efficient in its own right due to which it deserves to be your #1 choice for use through your mini computer (smartphone).

Google Reader

You will love this app if you wish to receive all updates from other blogs or sites in one place. Without this app, it would really take a lot of time to check as well as fetch the updates from other sites and blogs in a systematic manner. However, Google Reader makes this task quick and easy. A blogger may feel the need of this app in researching for the latest updates so that he can then write his new post based on the hot topic. This is more useful especially while writing a news post for your blog.


If you love the Blogger tool of Google, then this mobile version will surely prove to be beneficial for you. After WordPress, Blogger is the most admired blogging platform. So, if you prefer using this toll instead of WordPress, you are truly going to reap almost similar benefits. With this mobile version, you can manage your blog on the go by performing all functionalities that you would otherwise do by using the desktop PC. Above all, you are promised of unparallel blogging experience on your Android smartphone.


As the name suggests, this Android app is only meant for Twitter bloggers. You will be happy to know that this is the sole Twitter app,which is known for its outstanding performance on Android smartphones. You can consider this app if you wish to market your blogs online or remain in touch with your blog visitors. The app is available in both free and paid version. However, the latter one is recommended because it’s worth its price.


This one acts like a simple notebook app that is really very useful for bloggers. It aids in writing and saving drafts in such a way that you can copy-paste them latereven without connecting to the Internet. This is really commendable! You can simply start writing the moment a new topic or idea hits your mind and halt in between if you are out of writing mood. At least, you will be able to put nicely what you had in mind.

Google Analytics

For those who love tracking statistics, this is the must to have app. With this version, you can easily track the number of views, traffic sources, visitor’s location, and much more anywhere and at anytime.

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