6 Ways to Optimize Your Twitter Profile and Gain More Followers

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Twitter is one of the most popular and useful social tools around. These days, almost everyone is on it. As a Twitter user, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t want more followers. And they should. Followers are very useful. The more followers you have, the bigger your social influence is. You see, your curiosity is piqued when you notice a profile with a lot of followers, because you wonder what they’ve done to deserve them. If you’re one of those who don’t know the first thing about gaining more Twitter followers, here are some very useful tips.


1. Do Upload a Photo

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The first item on your agenda should be to find a good image for your Twitter profile. People are far more likely to follow a Twitter account with a genuine photograph of you, rather than a novelty picture of your favourite cartoon (or worse, the default “egg” image). Not having a profile image at all tells people you are either a spammer or a newbie, neither of which most people will want to follow. Make it a headshot and not a group photograph, which will be impossible to view properly unless clicked on.



2. Write a Witty and Interesting Bio

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Don’t leave your bio blank. People want to know about you, to decide whether you’re worth following. Make sure the bio you write is short and sweet, with interesting information about yourself. A bit of wit goes a long way as well so make sure your personality comes through.



3. Tweet Content of Value

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Twitter users only follow fellow users who have something of value to say. Your opinions and helpful links will not be to the tastes of everyone, because our interests differ, but many will appreciate it. Use plenty of links to other source materials, be helpful, and above all else, be friendly.



4. Is this ReTweetable?

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Make sure your tweets are short enough to retweet. When other people deem your tweet good enough to retweet, they are showing their followers what you have written. The more retweets you get, the more widespread your name will become, which will gain you followers. If people cannot read the entire retweet in one, they will move on. In theory, tweets should be no longer than 123 characters to allow for room.



5. Promotion or Spam

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It’s important that you tweet regularly. However there’s a difference between tweeting often, and spamming your followers. Make sure you’re not updating your twitter feed with nonsense for the sake of it. Also, make sure you negotiate the delicate line between promotion and spam with skill. Yes, you can post promotional material for your blog. Too much and you’ll look like a spammer and would soon lose followers.



6. Do Reply To Tweets

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Make sure you reply to others publicly. There is the ‘direct message’ option, but when tweets do not come up on your profile, it makes you seem unsociable. Talk to people publicly, and they will see you as a friendly person they’d like to maintain contact with.


Follow these tips, and you’ll see a steady increase in profile traffic. Good luck!


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