6 Engrossing Web Design Concepts For The Mobile User

Mobile is a dynamic and an ever-changing medium thus, web designers and developers are constantly experimenting with it expand its possibilities. Though in their development stage concepts require strategic planning and platform-specific approach to yield their full potential.

Let’s take a look at the 6 engrossing mobile website design concepts that seem promising this year:

Responsive Web Design

Responsive sites are built for leveraging versatile and user centric approach to businesses. Responsive web designs offer a well-balanced and consistent data for users across multiple platforms. The core of any responsive site is to deliver an experience most suited to their situation in a quick and simple manner. Responsive sites detect the literal context in which a user wishes to use the website for and thus, offers tailor-made solutions to them. Overall, responsive is the way companies will learn to adjust its focus more, in times to come.

Hideous Navigation

This concept is great in creating simple yet site with loads of inter-linked images and data. The images work as a navigation tool in themselves and by just overing over them they open a link to other related link. This is a smart way deployed by web designers to fast-pace the navigation structure of a site.

Visual Symmetry

As more and more customers browse information from their devices such as tablets, mobile devices, iPads and much more; web developers and designers include bigger action buttons onto their sites. There are two advantages of doing so, firstly they are easy to locate on even smaller screens and secondly they encourage far better user interaction and engagement. Overall, they not only look clean, sophisticated but are easy to interpret by the users.

Creative Scrolling

Sites can include creative scrolling techniques such as vertical scrolling. Apart from this, the site can be designed in the form of a time-line where each shape implemented in the design takes the suer to different information. The idea is to keep the whole site architecture well-organized, highly functional and to offer highly satisfying experiences to its users.

Retina Display

With Apple creating bigger and better viewing techniques with retina displays; companies too are gearing up to build retina-oriented sites. Retina screens gives smoother viewing with improved contrast. Such visual techniques are great for industries such as e-commerce where customers can get a look and feel of the products by looking at their images or video-demos on much enlarged and eye-capturing screens.

Backdrop Images

Placing a high-quality or a high-resolution image on the home page of your site is a welcoming and an informative approach. Firstly, users do not have to spend time reading large paragraphs and secondly a picture helps to build an instant connection with the user. A great background picture plays a major role in boosting marketing efforts by the brand. Moreover, it gives a sophisticated and knowledgeable feel about the brand and its culture.

To Wrap it up – All For Mobile

Web design and development processes are re-invented each year to offer highly usable and personalized experiences to its mobile users. A good mobile web design is the one which can communicate well with its users. No matter from which page your browsers start using your site from it is imperative they get a unified experience.

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